The Person Behind The Blog

Believe it or not, this is the last page I added to my blog before hitting that scary ‘launch’ button. Even though I know it’s not really all that important who I am, I still feel that fear to get this bit right!

I’m 21 years old. I’m from a town in the Midlands. I live with my mum and our ever-growing collection of pets, including a Chihuahua called Minnie whose currently snoring next to me sounding very similar to a middle aged man after his Sunday roast. My sister, her husband and my adorable-yet-still-manages-to-wind-me-up 3 year old nephew live close by. We have a family group chat that is built on the foundations of my brother in law taking the mick out of my sister, updates on my nephew (poo and all) and live commentaries of good TV shows that both households are watching.

In my free time I’m either with those nutcases mentioned above or the people who for some reason CHOOSE to spend time with my sarcastic attitude (AKA my friends), tending to my new baby (THE BLOG) or googling things like ‘how to cure emetophobia’, ‘why do we get anxious?’, ‘is exercise actually good for depression?’…

Oh yeah, didn’t I mention that the majority of my life I’ve lived with mental illnesses? But seriously, why should that be at the top of my list of things about me when I have all that other interesting (questionable choice of words) stuff to share.

So that is where I have totally contradicted myself (if you stick around then you’ll notice I probably do that quite a bit) by naming my blog Living My Anxious Life . The majority of the content for my blog is going to be my own mental health experiences, stories (mostly oddly amusing) and what I’ve found out about life by having these illnesses. I might throw the odd post in here and there about other stuff too, just for fun.

Why? Because I promise to make you laugh, even if I have to let you laugh at me. So that is my promise to you, my blog manifesto: to make you laugh whilst raising awareness of and erasing the stigma around mental health.

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